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"I would recommend your company to anyone that needs any work done from damages to the home."
-Judy Rudolph 
"Everyone who came to our home was professional, courteous and worked to repair my home in a timely manner."
- Bettie Morris
"They were very porfessional"
- Charles Cordell 
"Very professional, from the time the estimator arrived to when the garage door was being painted. The supervisor came to make sure the job was to his satisfaction and mine."
- Joseph Novack
"I wish to thank Thistle DKI and the group of contractors used to dry and restore our home. You stepped into a very diffucult situation and turned it around such that our involvement with the insurance company and adjuster was minimum. You not only restored our home, but made it better. I would also give special commondation to Alex Kramer who was your point man on our job. His "Can Do" attitude was really refreshing! Also thanks to Danny who made our "Wish List" into reality."
- Paul and Dixie Clarke
"Thank you for your help and quick attention to my problem !"
- Peggy Selesner
"Richard was so efficient and kind. His workers did a great job! There were a few minor inconveniences, but I was very pleased with the results!"
-  Gail Taylor
"We are glad we choose you!"
-  Mr. & Mrs. Shomon
"I was pleased with everything!!"
- Carole Caplan
"David and Marco were extremely professional and courteous. They did a great job on the mold remediation. The company is also excellent at follow up and keeping the customer informed as to the repair process and timing. Thanks!!"
- Julie Klene
"I worked for an Insurance repair company in California (25years) so I feel I'm a good judge of any cleanup on an insurance loss. Your company is "EXCELLENT."
-  Willam Ellenburg
"A big Thank You the crew did a great job we 
appreciate it"
- Maureen S
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Returning Home to Find a Flood

Returning home to a flood or even realising that you left the tap running halfway through your household chores is never an ideal scenario, but unfortunately one that can happen all too easily. Given the importance of first action steps when dealing with a home flood, Disaster Kleenup Thistle DKI Nevada has put together an easy to follow list of what steps to take in the event of a small home flood.

Stop the Flow

The first thing to do when responding to a home flood is to ensure both the water and power supplies (if possible) are turned off immediately. Keep in mind that while it can be tempting to attempt to stop a leak immediately,ensuring the flow of water has stopped will make the repair easier and much more effective. If your property is encountering serious flooding, patch up any leakages as best you can and call an emergency water recovery service immediately and have them attend to assist. With the flow of water either stopped or drastically reduced, look to remove any precious and absorbent items from the affected room. Sofas, tables and curtains are the most obvious items, however it’s important to take any rugs or accompanying cushions as these items can quickly absorb moisture and begin to grow mold internally. Once all items have been removed, do your best to remove as much water as you can to minimize structural damage. If the flooding has reached your walls, a service provider can easily remove any residue or smell.

Begin Immediate Recovery

With your property restoration speciast in attendance and attending to the direct cause of your leak, continue to remove any smaller items and place them outside where they will receive a fresh flow of air and sunshine (if during the day). A professional restoration provider such as Disaster Kleenup Thistle DKI Nevada will be able to advise which items are safe to remove and how best to ensure a quick recovery for smaller items you may have. In this time of disaster, rely on their experience.

Property Restoration in Las Vegas

Nobody wants to think about damage occurring to their home until it’s too late. Get ahead of these events and save this page in the event disaster strikes. For immediate attendance to any property damage, speak with Disaster Kleenup Thistle DKI Nevada on 702 871 8462 and get the recovery process underway as soon as possible. With extensive experience and professional grade recovery equipment, Disaster Kleenup Thistle DKI Nevada are the best option to prove safe and thorough property restoration in Las Vegas.