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"I would recommend your company to anyone that needs any work done from damages to the home."
-Judy Rudolph 
"Everyone who came to our home was professional, courteous and worked to repair my home in a timely manner."
- Bettie Morris
"They were very porfessional"
- Charles Cordell 
"Very professional, from the time the estimator arrived to when the garage door was being painted. The supervisor came to make sure the job was to his satisfaction and mine."
- Joseph Novack
"I wish to thank Thistle DKI and the group of contractors used to dry and restore our home. You stepped into a very diffucult situation and turned it around such that our involvement with the insurance company and adjuster was minimum. You not only restored our home, but made it better. I would also give special commondation to Alex Kramer who was your point man on our job. His "Can Do" attitude was really refreshing! Also thanks to Danny who made our "Wish List" into reality."
- Paul and Dixie Clarke
"Thank you for your help and quick attention to my problem !"
- Peggy Selesner
"Richard was so efficient and kind. His workers did a great job! There were a few minor inconveniences, but I was very pleased with the results!"
-  Gail Taylor
"We are glad we choose you!"
-  Mr. & Mrs. Shomon
"I was pleased with everything!!"
- Carole Caplan
"David and Marco were extremely professional and courteous. They did a great job on the mold remediation. The company is also excellent at follow up and keeping the customer informed as to the repair process and timing. Thanks!!"
- Julie Klene
"I worked for an Insurance repair company in California (25years) so I feel I'm a good judge of any cleanup on an insurance loss. Your company is "EXCELLENT."
-  Willam Ellenburg
"A big Thank You the crew did a great job we 
appreciate it"
- Maureen S
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Property Restoration in Las Vegas and the Importance of Safety

When it comes to property restoration in Las Vegas there is one prime rule - SAFETY FIRST. If you've recently experienced property damage and you're attending the property for the first time, take a look at these tips from Disaster Kleenup Thistle DKI Nevada before you attend.

Take It Slow

When you first arrive, take some time to assess any visible instability, not just with your home, with with the land surrounding it. Take note of any low hanging wires or cables that may have fallen, including any roof pieces that may be ready to fall - this can be particularly common after fire damage where the roof is still deteriorating.

Stay Cautious

Once you're sure it's safe to enter, stay cautious at all times in all directions. The floor could give way, parts of the ceiling may fall and items of furniture may fall or move around. This point is particularly important if returning after water damage if you aren't able to see the floor clearly, or furniture items have deteriorated and may be ready to collapse.

Don't Do It Alone

When returning for the first time, take a few family members or some friends, along with the professional handling your property restoration in Nevada. Seeing your home damaged can be an emotional time, so make sure you have some support with you.

Property Restoration in Las Vegas

Property damage is always unfortunate, but thankfully there are services that can help you get your life back on track. Speak with Disaster Kleenup Thistle DKI Nevada on 702 871 8462 and ask about our safe and high quality services can provide thorough property restoration in Las Vegas.